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Why you should choose Barry Plant Real Estate Training

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

You’ve decided that you want a career in real estate - but you’ve discovered that you need to complete the Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice to get your career started.

There are quite a few training institutions out there, so why choose us?

By the industry for the industry

Our training has been developed and is delivered by industry experts, who know what it takes to have a successful career in real estate. Our students get industry expertise and have real career opportunities upon completion.

Flexibility on how and where you learn.

We know that people learn differently. Some are visual, some absorb masses of information like a sponge, others need it fed to them in bite sized chunks. Then there’s where you train. In our training suite or in the comfort of your home. Both are great options. We tailor your learning journey to you.

Additional support to the level you need

There’s no sink or swim with us. Everyone learns to swim. We talk to you to find out what level of support you need. We’ll monitor your progress, identify where you are and offer help when you need it (or when you ask).

Teaching you what you need to know to be industry ready

Yes, real estate is highly regulated and there’s a lot you must learn. But the trick is not rote learning, but understanding how all these rules and regulations are applied in real life. Barry Plant has been delivering real estate services for over 40 years - we understand the industry in a way that outsiders can’t. And we can make tedious legislation come to life in a memorable, relevant way. We work to make you job-ready when you graduate.

Opportunities for employment when you graduate.

We are looking to recruit people out of the course to work in our network of around 70 offices. We are always on the lookout for people with potential. If you show promise, we’ll try to place you with one of our offices near where you live. No promises, but we’ll sure try.

With your consent, we will add you to our database and alert you of any up-and-coming employment opportunities. Of course, if you do end up working for Barry Plant, you’ll find that this is just the beginning of the training programs on offer. We believe in ongoing learning and ensuring that all Barry Plant team members have the skills they need to succeed.

If you are looking for flexibility, genuine support and guidance to help you with your studies, then we know you will get great value from choosing to study with Barry Plant Real Estate Training. You will be trained by the industry, to get you working in the industry.


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