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The ingredients that make a good sales agent

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Sales is often seen as the glamour role in the real estate industry. We all know sales agents who make big bucks, drive a prestige car and are cult personalities within the industry and the suburbs they operate in. But for every megastar there are hundreds of successful agents who are thriving on the challenges of a sales role, making a decent income and happily driven by a passion for getting the best result for the people they sell property for. Without that last one, you won’t succeed.

The personal qualities you’ll need

  • Tenacity.

  • A resilient ego that can take rejection (you’re competing for business and you don’t always win!) and the ability to bounce back from disappointments - start each day fresh.

  • The ability to relate to all sorts of people.

  • An absolute dedication to being systemised.

  • The flexibility to work some evenings and most Saturdays.

What qualifications you’ll need

Real estate is a highly regulated industry, there’s a whole Federal Act (Estate Agents Act 1980) governing how it is carried out. You need to be 18 year of age or older and you need to be of good character. You also need to be formally qualified.

  • You will need to complete an Agents Representative Course (Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice) before you can be employed as an agent.

  • To get tertiary qualifications in the industry, and to be able to run your own agency at some point in the future you will need to become a Fully Licenced Agent and complete Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice and Diploma of Property - Agency Management.

Barry Plant Real Estate Training offers this course face-to-face as well as online, self-paced learning.

What you’ll bring to a sales role

  • A network of contacts. Selling real estate is about relationships. It’s about being the person someone calls when they are thinking of selling. If you have a good network of connections in your neighbourhood - look to get employment in a local agency so you can work those networks to everyone’s advantage.

  • A hunter mentality. If you would rather sit at a desk all day and send emails rather than picking up the phone, or walking the streets and building rapport with locals, finding out who is looking to sell, then real estate sales is not for you.

  • An ability to really listen to what people are saying.

  • Above average communication skills - not only in how you communicate but also in how frequently you communicate.

What to look for in an employer

  • Someone who has a good, well respected brand and visible success in your local area.

  • Someone who has a career plan for you and will provide you with a mentor.

  • Someone who will provide you with ongoing and frequent training.

  • A workplace that has a strong, supportive culture built on respect.


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