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Kick start a brilliant career with Barry Plant

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

What can you expect from your career in Real Estate? Real Estate is a people's business, you will spend your days assisting your clients to ensure that their dreams are reality, whether this is leasing their first home, or purchase of their dream home, you will be there with them along for the ride.

There are so many things that you can look forward to in your chosen career, and many avenues that this could take, upon completion of your Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice.

Whether this be Residential Sales, Property Management, Commercial, Marketing or Administration, the opportunities are endless in Real Estate, and in the Barry Plant network.


Following acquiring your CPP41419 certificate iv in Real Estate Practice (Agents Representative certificate) you’ll have the opportunity to select the right career path for you. Whether this be sales, Property Management, Marketing or Administration, we have an extensive internal training program which caters to the needs of all of our team members,

We are proud to provide you with the hands-on skills you’ll need for any role, we offer a full suite of training programs which caters to those who are starting out including basic skills and knowledge, to sessions on compliance, legislation training, customer service, social media management through to our extended auction school program and leadership training.


From your director, to the sales manager or property management department head, right through to the experienced team at Barry Plant Head Office - we are all heavily invested in your success in your chosen career.

Whether you are stuck on some Property Management Legislation, a Sales contract or need some help with your online marketing and social content, the team at the Barry Plant Head Office will work with you, and your management team to provide you with all the assistance and knowledge you need to succeed.


Real Estate is a people's business, while we are in the “business of Real Estate” we also believe that we are in the business of making a difference, and take the “people first approach '' into every conversation and transaction.

We are also big believers in giving back. Each Barry Plant office supports local groups and charities of their choice, and from a corporate level we have chosen two key groups to support on an ongoing basis, these are Make-A-Wish - an organisation that works to make the wishes of seriously ill children come true - and the Pat Cronin Foundation - an organisation that has turned a terrible tragedy into a mission to educate youth on the consequences of violence and the coward punch.

To this date we have donated over $866,000 to the Make-A-Wish foundation, with our aim being to get to $1M in donations by the end of 2022.

Respected Brand

Barry Plant is a well-known and trusted brand in the Real Estate Industry. Our foundation has been built on uncompromising service in our field. Barry Plant was first established in 1979, and has always focused on providing the best Real Estate experience to our clients.

Our Real Estate network is made up of approximately 70 offices, and we employ over 900 Real Estate Professionals.


At Barry Plant, we embrace technology in all forms. We utilise and promote the use of Proptech throughout our office network across sales, property management, and especially marketing and online mediums. Technology enables us to unearth new opportunities, organises our lives, lets us connect in a meaningful way with our clients and the broader community.

We are pioneers in the PropTech area and are always at the leading edge of new product development.


Our corporate vision is to become the most recommended brand in Real Estate. Though a commitment to excellence, professionalism, determination and training, we believe anything is achievable.

Are you ready to step into your new career in Real Estate, so work with us to become the most recommended brand in Real Estate?


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