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From an aspiring DJ at 18 to sales superstar at age 23

Meet Caleb Venneri - Barry Plant Essendon

Caleb Venneri grew up in a real estate family where house prices and the property market were often the main topic at dinner and mock auctions were an everyday occurrence. His father is the owner of a highly successful agency in Mildura and Caleb regularly helped out at the agency after school and on weekends. Real estate was in his blood, but he was convinced it wasn’t the career for him.

At just 18, after completing his VCE he moved to Melbourne to follow his passion for DJing. But he needed an income to supplement the gigs. Caleb approached Barry Plant Essendon and was given the part-time role of a "lead generator" which meant he was making phone calls to people who agents had gleaned might be thinking of selling and to people on a database. Lead generation is not just about getting leads on who is thinking of selling their property, it’s also about honing your ability to quickly build a relationship. Real estate is all about relationships, service and trust.

The work lit a true passion for real estate in Caleb and he committed to becoming a full-time employee and then launching his solo sales career in October 2020.

He applied himself to being the best agent, setting stretch targets for himself and consistently meeting them. But the secret to his success was genuinely caring about achieving the best outcomes for his clients. This focus saw his business grow quickly as people began to recommend him.

With this rapid success, and increasing client-base, Caleb realised he needed help. In early 2021 he hired a personal assistant (PA). As a result of expanding his team, Caleb’s business has doubled, enabling to provide that same excellent service, the foundation of his success, to more vendors and buyers.

Working in Real Estate is all about challenges, and rising to them, at just 22 to manage, lead and mentor someone presented a huge challenge, but one that Caleb grabbed with both hands, looking back, this was a pivotal moment in his career, and a big contributor to his successes to come.

Caleb is a multi Barry Plant award winner, in 2022 he completed the Barry Plant auctioneer training, understanding that honing his skills as an auctioneer could open even more doors for him, if he encountered potential clients who opted to use this method of sale.

2022 Awards for Excellence winner

In 2022 Caleb became an inaugural member of the- Barry Plant Pinnacle Club (Barry Plant's Exclusive Top Performing Sales Agents Club). Becoming a member of the Pinnacle Club has exposed him to other Barry Plant top achievers, allowing them all to learn from each other, to discuss tactics that other successful agents use, and incorporate these into their business models.

Caleb is living proof that with determination and commitment, anyone, of any age, can enjoy a fun, rewarding and successful career in Real Estate.

If you’re looking to build a career in real estate, the best start you can have is to get your industry qualifications through Barry Plant Real Estate Training. You’ll get the knowledge as well as additional skills to give you the best chance of success.


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