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1000 properties sold in just 6 years in real estate

Prolific Barry Plant Geelong Sales Agent notched up 1000th sale after only 6 years on the job

Chari Emirzade, who is a Sales Consultant, Auctioneer, and Partner at Barry Plant Geelong, sold his 1000th property back in January 2021. This feat was made even more impressive by the fact that he has only been working in real estate for 6 years. “It really was 6 years of hard work to get to that milestone, and it’s not just one thing. Everything is linked together,” said Chari Emirzade. “It’s about having the right mindset and the right system in place, as well as being equipped with knowledge - which is something that only comes with experience and hard work.”

Chari has been consistently recognised as the top listed seller for the Barry Plant Group in terms of the number of properties sold each year. He is also ranked as one of the top property listers in the country.

Chari has also been a guest speaker at AREC 2019, one of the Southern Hemisphere’s largest real estate conferences, and has also shared his wisdom as a speaker at a number of Barry Plant conferences. He has also won a number of awards through Rate My Agent and the Barry Plant Awards for Excellence.

Arriving in Australia from Cyprus in 1997, and then returning back to his home country for a decade which included a two year stint in the military, Chari returned to Australia and started his career for Barry Plant Geelong in 2014. He worked in the suburbs of Corio and Norlane, which were areas that weren’t particularly attractive to real estate agents at the time. “Not many agents wanted to work in that area, because when I started the median property price was just $180K. It just wasn’t a very appealing area for other agents, but I saw it as a real opportunity,” said Chari Emirzade.

The median property price in Corio, as of December 2020, was $388,750 and in October 2022 was $516,000 “I changed my mindset pretty early on, where I started focusing on volume of sales. I created business, marketing, and prospecting plans. I had a goal to sell 200 properties in one year, which everyone said was impossible. In my first three years I sold 207 properties, and from then it just snowballed to the results that we see today.”

Chari is a man of system and routine, and someone who truly values hard work. Waking up at 4:30 am each morning, he calls a minimum of 100 people a day, and has a database of over 5000 people. He has worked with a number of team members over the years, and hired his first personal assistant only three months into the job. He has seen many of his PAs over the last six years go on to successful real estate sales careers themselves.

“I love watching the people around me succeed, especially those who I’ve worked with and nurtured over the years. I really take pride in watching them progress and move forward with their own careers as successful sales agents. It’s fantastic!” said Chari Emirzade. “Having the right team behind you is vitally important, and the team I work with is incredibly hard-working and so committed to everything they do.”

If you’re looking to build a career in real estate, the best start you can have is to get your industry qualifications through Barry Plant Real Estate Training. You’ll get the knowledge as well as additional skills to give you the best chance of success.


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